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The current information critical processes-about

Oriental medicine approach to the ways of functioning of the human body corresponds to the contemporary scientific images about processes critical information-what is defasoara in the body, thus assuring its vital work. In Russia, the first practical results in this field have been obtained in the ' 60s, at the Institute of General pathology and human ecology of Siberian Branch of the Academy of medical sciences of the USSR, under the leadership of its Director, given that V.P. Kaznacheev In the Institute's laboratories were experiences that have allowed to confirm the assumption that the interaction between cells in the human body is made, in particular, through electromagnetic radiation.

It was established that the information in the biological system is the cuantele electromagnetic field. Quantum information is recorded in the compuaii cell and chemical is extracted from them, as a result of biochemical transformations related to existing information flows inside the body and in the external environment. The information is perceived outside of exteroreceptori, and the information from the body-of interoreceptori.

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