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Superconductibilitatea. A new discovery of Markov

Director of NTT "Virus", the Honorable Professor of the Polytechnic Institute of Harbinsk, Ghenadyi Alexandrovich Markov-is the author of 7 discoveries and over 40 innovations, for which patents have been issued. All are pioneering and open new perspectives in science. And often they are soon required abroad than in his native country.

Here is the latest discovery of Markov method in connection with getting superconductibilitatii in metals, for which the patent was obtained in last summer, and which has already aroused interest manufacturers of cables from the u.s., Austria, Germany, Slovenia. Indigenous industry has not yet found out about it? You agree that the situation is somewhat paradoxical. This is why we have asked Professor Markov with a request to tell us a few words about his new discovery.

Ghenadyi Alexandrovich, how long you took to get to this revelation?

Nine months. As for the birth of a child. And happy birthday for his assertion. " I mean for recognizing that innovation brings. Although the first patent awarded him 20 years ago, long time I have been refused a certificate for this invention. Countless disputes took place.

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