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Carcinoma of the bladder urine G3 type

In early 2006, after a bladder ultrasound, it was discovered that I had a detect from early stages of approx. 9 mm.He attended a cistoscopic control and two successive surgeries done in the months of February and March. Histopathological examination showed the tumor type type G3, meaning a very invasive malignant tumor. Following the proposal of the University Clinic in Munich was CYSTECTOMY for.

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Giant tumor of the pineal region

In case our daughter, energo-informational therapy developed by prof.Markov had a decisive role in tilt the balance, although I've never won since the war, the victory is not far away, do not make a free statement now, I will continue to expose our daughter's case history and will leave each of you to draw conclusions.

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Monica Campbell-29 years: enchondroma of a very rare and aggressive (osteosarcoma as radius) with multiple bilateral pulmonary metastases (discovered in 2005)

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