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You can manage your fitococktailuri of people with increased susceptibility to certain parts of their composition?

In the course of processing fitococktailurilor, special components of composition change their initial properties and therefore may not be perceived as allergens. Fitococktailurile diminishes the body's predisposition to allergies, contribute to normalizing metabolic processes and do not notice the allergic reactions.

 Administration of fitococktailurilor can be combined with polichimioterapie belts?

Yes, on the one hand, chemical preparations have imunodepresiva what action diminishes the effect of stimulator of fitococktailurilor but, on the other hand, the management of chemicals requires extra support to the immune system. For this reason, you can manage fitococktailurile while chemical preparations for immune system support and after finishing the cure of polichimioterapie to restore the organism.

 You can use fitococktailurile in combination with medicinal preparations?

Combining fitococktailurilor with vitamins, antioxidants, spasmolytic, antibiotics, etc., administered in traditional medicine, it has no contraindications.What special precautions are necessary in situations in the Administration? Fitococktailurile should be given under medical supervision in the case of cardio-vascular system diseases, diabetes, bronchial asthma, tromboflebitei, employment after stroke and other serious situations, such as in the case of oncological patients lose weight.

 How often you need medical advice during fitococktailurilor management?

Fitococktailurile are intended for independent treatment at home, and the doctor who recommended this method of treatment can consult the patient during or at the end of the cure by phone or at the medical center.

 With fitococktailuri you can treat your pet?

Yes, you can treat, the maximum being 1-3 teaspoons per 10 lbs of body weight.

 Action fitococktailurilor different from that of other biostimulators pantocrine with ginseng, etc?

The action of other biostimulators has an artificial pacemaker, temporary, and after the adaptation of the organism to their use, while the fitococktailurilor stimulates action and correct the body's phenotype, including immune system over a long period