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Early 20th century technology bioinformationale

Professor Ghenadyi Markov, Center Street, greets visitors with Kutateladze a faint smell of ozone and forest herbs. In the reception center for the treatment of people come after help.Here come those who truly believe in the efficiency of the method Markov.

Certainly many of the inhabitants of Novosibirskului only if they have heard about the unique and mysterious "Markov Balm", which was one of the first dishes of resonance therapy. The essence of the discovery made by Professor Ghenadyi Markov, is the following: the balm is biological information about the wearer how to healthy cell function.Such information reaching the body, inflenteaza diseased cells, stimulates their recovery and healing for the body accordingly.

All these have become possible thanks to the discoveries of Professor Markov-heredity management method using information and deciphering the language of the cell. It comes out as the cell, as its the most complex natural object, has its own "language" in which "communicate" and all living things to understand, using for the transmission of information by certain codes bioinformationale. In the process of research and scientific experiments Ghenadyi Markov tried to decipher this language of the cell and even has learned to "communicate" with some live objects, their metabolic activity and dirijand in this way to influence the development of the entire body.

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