Programari : 0735.880.282

Bioinformationali stimulatory

Under the direction of research in the field of Markov, bioinformationale action on the body have been channeled from two directions.

The first direction was focused on the development of bioinformationale devices. He designed a special equipment which allowed the generation, synthesis and modeling of codes bioinformaŇ£ionale and their transmission to the body using different harmless fields as: electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, as well as light and acoustic oscillations. Critical information-action of bioinformationale has a mild character, excluding the destructive action on the tissues and physiological processes in the body malfunction. The use of devices do not cause side effects and no contraindications related to other pertinent conditions, but on the contrary, they heal at the same time as the main disease. Since the first devices used to stimulate the body's biological phenotype correction, they have proved effective. The first generation devices were long-acting devices on the lower levels of the physiology of organisms based on the use of a sequence of signals of bioinformationale power.

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