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Immuno-proofreaders compounds: fitococktailurile

Fitococktailurile is in the form of syrup with little taste salty-sweet. They are made of ecologically pure foodstuffs: honey natural, granulated sugar, mineral salts, essence natural coffee, tea, black tea and medicinal herbs (St. John's wort, horsetail, Chamomile flowers soricelului, burdock root and Peony, maces fruits etc.). Each type of fitococktail has a specific composition and is subject to a specific processing into an informational field with certain physical parameters, in other words, fitococktailurilor preparation technologies are different, depending on each holding. Although the products that enter the fitococktailurilor component is used in human food for thousands of years, this combinaţtie is really the only only after processing in the informational field, using a special technology, so they can act effectively on the immune status.