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The Markov

Discover one of the most ground-breaking treatments in the world! Come to the clinic from Markov and you can enjoy the famous method of treatment of Professor Markov, developed and used at the clinic the Virus in Novosibirsk, Russia. Our doctors specialize in using nanotechnology Professor bioinformationale Markov, simply "communicate" with your code for healthy cells, while you relax.You will be treated as such, without surgery and side effects harmful!Unique method of treatment in medical practice in the world: biological stimulation Method and the human phenotype correction. Effects of the method body: restoring and boosting the immune system and regenerative system.


Diseases that can be treated: immune diseases, benign tumors, skin diseases, sexual dysfunction, allergy, cardiovascular disorders, diseases, respiratory diseases, gastro-intestinal disorders, endocrine diseases, diseases, ailments or Osteoarticular, rheumatic and degenerative diseases, malignant tumors, etc.

Applicability: noninvasive method of treatment without chemicals for synthesis, with no side effects, no contraindications related diseases accompanying the software. Can be used alone or in parallel with conventional/allopathic methods of treatment, there was no restriction in this regard but only benefits: simultaneous application of the two methods in the case of severe disease, increase life expectancy, improve overall patients by reducing the adverse effects of medicinal products and of the different types of treatments or invasive surgery, shortens the recovery period and cure numerous diseases. Markov method of treatment can also be used when you are not sick, for increasing immunity, prevention of disease and the prevention of premature aging.