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Advantages and possibilities offered by the method

Among the main advantages of Markov method we can mention:

  • Possibility of various diseases.
  • The ability to diagnose diseases in early stages.
  • The possibility of outpatient treatment
  • Treating a broad spectrum of diseases.
  • High efficiency in the treatment of diseases with varying degrees of severity.
  • Treating the sick declared incurable by traditional medicine methods.

The method can be used in many branches of the national economy for solving various problems, such as:

Health care professional. You can use food to boost information-carrying organic and the body's phenotype correction, which would permit neutralization of harmful environmental or infectious agents.
Immuno compounds-proofreaders (fitococktailurile) do not contain harmful substances and fosters self-regulating body, increase of immunity and resistance to diseases.

In agriculture:

In plant growing. After processing with bioinformaŇ£ionale devices with reduced seed germination, increases sharply the ability of germination of these seeds and automated decisions based on prior to seeding, increases several times the harvest and hence the economic value of plants.

In cattle breeding. Increases the percentage of animal feed processing assimilation by the animals, help to increase their weight and increases the body's resistance to various diseases.

In veterinary medicine. The method proved effective in the prophylaxis of bacterial and virus infections during the curing and rehabilitation after damage sustained in the case of chronic diseases and those with slow development, and complex drug therapy (to minimize the side effects of the drugs). External use: in case of wounds clinging hard, trophic ulcers, of. Fitococktailurilor management is particularly effective in raising animals with fur, in cattle and in the treatment of pets.

In ecology. To restore the ecological balance of the environment deteriorated, helps development of new micro-organisms able to live in the polluted reservoir basins and realise their accelerated treatment.