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Living water Dr. Markov

Ghenadyi Markov, teacher Center in Novosibirsk University campus, is recognized far outside Russia. Balsamic and fitococktailurile made by this man, make it possible to quickly restore the body virtually in any kind of conditions. Pleasant to taste, these functional activity evoke syrups of the cells, the body's systems and in whole, or initiating a real natural autoinsanatosire program.

Ghenadyi Alexandrovich, when people read for the first time on the vials, the mixture of biologically active food supplements made by you, definitely I'm pretty confused: ' salt, sugar, honey, black tea, seafood macies». Such a composition can be achieved and home. So, what is the secret?

The said products is just the spokesperson stencil you can insert information in the cell. My first patent «management of hereditary structures using mutagenic», registered codes with more than 20 years ago, is a pioneering work. Yet in no other country in the world does not know the correct phenotype of the organism, in order to stop the process of developing serious diseases, such as cancer. We have managed this. My balm is biological information about the wearer how to healthy cell function. Getting into the body, this information influences the diseased cells, stimulating their recovery.

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